Two itunes libraries on one computer mac

Multiple playlists are good when different people use the same music collection but multiple libraries are great for various devices. How-to iTunes.

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  3. How To Use and Sync Multiple iTunes Libraries on the Same Computer!
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Keeping iTunes Synced Between Two Computers

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Safari is one of the widely used browsers on the iPhone and iPad. Users usually open a new tab to visit a website and How to Install iOS Your options include:. Select OK.

How to sync an iPhone with iTunes on more than one computer

You will also need to organize your libraries, which will make sure that each of your movies, songs, etc. This will create an XML file that holds the playlist and rating info on each of your songs, videos, etc. Use step 4 to complete the transfer. Share the hard drive of Computer A. Select the file ending in. All of the media files music, videos, etc. Use steps 5 and 6 to complete the transfer. Select or create a folder on the EHD, and select Open. Navigate to the EHD and select Save.

How to Consolidate iTunes Library: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Click Open. There you have it.

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However, if you are among those who choose to pay for benefit of combining your iTunes libraries, you do have another method you could use. There are a number of programs that can do the job for you. And there you have it!

Part 1. Using iTunes to Merge iTunes Library

Regardless of your method choice, you should be the proud owner of one beautiful iTunes library with all of your media in one place.