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To view your book in Apple Books, choose Copy to Books. To share your book, tap an app such as Mail or Messages. Pages for Mac Open your document in Pages. Click Next. Select a location for your book, then click Export.

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To view your book in Apple Books, double-click the book file. Pages for iCloud Open your document in Pages. Click Download. Learn more Use advanced options to create a book.

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Published Date: Wed Nov 07 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Thanks, Miriam. Miriam please send an email to our support team who would be happy to help. I downloaded the template but how do I change the text and pictures? Do I save it as some other kind of document so I can edit it?

If so, how? Once inside, you can click into the text areas to change text or drag images into the photo spaces to replace them. It definitely should work! But if for some reason you have problems you can reach us at http: Do you still have access to the template link above? I tried but it took me to a window that says Mobile Me is closed. Hi Andrea, You should be able to access it now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hi Lauren, I really hope you can help, I am interested in creating a publication, followed your steps and had no problems until I wanted to use an image covering the two sheets, I was researching and just not how.

I hope you can help, greetings and thank you very much. Then just crop them so they are aligned with one half of the image showing on the left page, and the other half showing on the right. Thanks and I hope that helps! I downloaded the template, but when I attempt to open it with Pages version 2. Please send an email to our support team, so we can work with you directly. Sales will help support its mission.

Thanks much! Lauren, Thanks! My 10 year old son and I made a cookbook of his favorite recipes from cooking class as a gift he is going to give for Christmas. He is very proud!

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Is it possible to change the paper size without messing up everything. We are in the UK and are doing a charity cookbook and would like it to be A4 or smaller which is narrower than US Letter….. You are welcome to tweak and reuse our template for your own purposes, but MagCloud currently prints 8. My first ebook made with Word was 39MB for a 33 page ebook with a photo on almost every page.

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My second ebook made with Powerpoint was 16MB for 38 pages. For both, I reduced the image sizes before inserting them into the document. Traditionally it is used to make presentations. I never got comfortable using this so I am not sure how convenient it is for ebooks. But in theory, it should work as well as Powerpoint. This is an important step. Different apps work differently on different operating systems, Mac vs PC etc.

So before you go an create your entire ebook in an app, only to find that the file size is 60MB for a 20 page book, do a test run! I reduced my images to 1,px wide before inserting them into Powerpoint. I designed the cover and layout of both my ebooks myself. For a freebie, I could not justify paying a designer and I did not know where on earth I could find e-cookbook templates for Word or Powerpoint. Then I recreated simplified versions of them to use as my ebook template. This was created using tables which I found really tedious and difficult to use because not every recipe is the same length!

I created one template and used that for every recipe. I had much more fun designing this one! For the 2nd one, I was able to make it in Powerpoint which I used for the ebook which was much easier. Now the real work begins — writing the ebook! Refer step 2 for tips. This makes a huge difference to the file size.

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Because my ebooks were intended to be free for readers, I mainly included recipes on my blog. I found I had to condense the recipes, remove or change the way tips were phrased etc. But I also included a few recipes exclusively for the ebook. Then you need to upload the ebook somewhere where you can provide your readers with a link to download it. If the file size is small enough, you might even be able to upload it into WordPress.

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If the file size is too large, people will struggle to download it! My first ebook is 39MB which I think is far too big. After all that hard work, make it front and centre so visitors to your blog see it!! I use my ebooks as incentive for visitors to my blog to sign up to my mail list. Here are all the places I promote the free ebook:. As part of the sign up to a mail list, the readers will receive confirmation emails. This is what mine looks like. If you use a mail list manager like MailChimp, you will also have the option to direct new subscribers to a page on your blog instead of receiving a thank you email.

So you could embed the download links there instead, if you preferred. Hi Nagi and Thank you so much for this post!

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You post is very helpful and crystal clear. Thank you again! I am a beginner and want to start a blog…any advice, tips, etc. So any advice as to the quickest, easiest, pain-free way to get started would be greatly appreciated. Oh wow! So very helpful. I love step by step instructions.

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I have flirted with the idea of doing an e-book and something that I thought about was including links to my website in the content and then making this a free e-book in the Amazon Kindle store. The idea is to drive free traffic to the website. Has anyone tried this method? If so, did you get good results? Nagi, I want to thank you for your inspiration and generosity. My oldest daughter has asked me for a long time to put together a cookbook of family favorite recipes, and I would start trying, only to feel so lost.

Finally, with your help, I feel like I can get started.

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I purchased your Food Photography Book today for further guidance: Thanks again. Thank you for this blog post. While my eBook ambitions are less graphics heavy this was very helpful. I think you are a little over critical of file size.