Yahoo messenger mac display image problem

Is b7 no longer available to download? I was having the same issue with my Yahoo account connecting with Adium 1. I tried everything that was suggested above with no avail. I have the same issue with the double-messages from Y! If that helps, any. Peter: I read that link, and I was already doing what it said.

But what I wanted to know is this: is the disk image supposed to pop up after you delete it? I was not launching Adium from the disk image, but from my applications folder. I copied it to my applications folder and ejected the disk image three times and it still popped up after I opened Adium.

On another note, the 1. I would suggest this instead of the beta. OMG… until today.. Okay, can connect to Yahoo without that Yahoo popup thing…using the latest beta release from this page…BUT…every Yahoo response posts twice.

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I get an answer in chat from someone, anda split-second after it pops up again. Anyone, any thoughts? This update did not help me. I still cannot connect to Yahoo.

Yahoo Messenger for Mac OS X OSX

I have tried changing the IP, this did not help me. I am running the 1. The person I consistantly see issue with is running the 9. All i can see is the generic ym logo beside their name, for all of them, which is kinda sad. Anybody have the same problems. Interesting gossip: unknown person said he copied it to his or her applications folder and ejected the disk image three times and it still popped up after he or she opened Adium.

I have a problem in Adium. I do not see my contacts disconnect. They just stay online. To me, they are online, but they are really offline. Another thing. This is the three horizontal bars to the immediate right of the "Inbox" text. Tap the "Settings" option.

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You should see this option in the ensuing drop-down menu. Tap "Manage Accounts" at the top of the menu. Doing so will bring up a window with your account information. Tap "Account Info" below your account's name. This will open the Account Info page.

Tap the person silhouette at the top of this page. This silhouette represents your profile picture.

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If you have a pre-existing user photo uploaded, it will be displayed here. Choose a photo option. You can either take a photo using your phone's camera, or you can choose an existing photo from your library.

Tap a photo to select it. If you chose to take a photo, review it to make sure it's what you want. Confirm your photo choice by tapping your phone's equivalent of "OK" when you've chosen a photo. Wait for your photo to appear at the top of the page. This may take a few seconds; once it uploads, you will have successfully changed your picture on Yahoo Mail! Method 2. Navigate to Yahoo's main site. In order to change your Yahoo Mail profile picture, you'll need to access your account's settings from within your inbox.

Click the "Mail" option. This is located in the top right corner of Yahoo's site; its icon resembles an envelope.

[Solved] Yahoo Messenger unable to Send text Message

If you aren't already logged into Yahoo Mail, you'll need to do so with your username and password in order to access your inbox. Click the Settings gear. This option is on the far right side of your inbox page. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. You can fix this problem by uploading a new copy of your photo. Log into Yahoo!

Sharing Experiences in Messenger Service and Chat Tools

Messenger, then click the black image box in the upper-left corner of the program window. Next, click the "My Display Image" link and click the banner underneath "Share my picture.

View Yahoo Messenger Chat History Archive Directly

If the black image problem was caused by your image file, the issue is now resolved. If the issue isn't fixed, there is a problem with your computer's copy of Yahoo! Messenger; the next steps to try are to uninstall and reinstall the application. Your Yahoo! Messenger image problem may stem from a program corruption issue.

If your computer is stricken with a virus or experiences data corruption, your copy of the Yahoo! Messenger program may be impaired, which can lead to errors such as a problem displaying your profile photo.