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You can either undock into a separate window, or dock it on the left, bottom, or right side of the browser. You can also easily clear cookies from the Chrome DevTools. This can be especially useful when testing and debugging third party plugins.

How to open the developer console

You can test your website and media queries to see if your responsive design is breaking anywhere by going into device mode. Or perhaps you need to see at what resolution the page is breaking at so you know where to apply a media query. You can then choose what device and resolution to emulate, add a network throttle, and even define the device orientation. The custom color palette will pull from the website stylesheet. You can access them by simply clicking on the color block in the style panel.

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There is also a color picker that can be used to pick out colors from a web page directly. Have you ever tried to figure out where a hidden style is coming from, say the :hover selector? However, there is something better, called Toggle Element State. This allows you to force an element state, like :hover , so that you can then use the styles panel to see the properties.

You can save any image from a webpage out as a data URI or rather base64 encoded. There is no need to use a free online converter as it is already built into Chrome DevTools.

How do you launch the JavaScript debugger in Google Chrome? - Stack Overflow

In the Network panel click on an image and then right click on it to have the option to Copy image as data URI. The network filmstrip feature allows you to see how your page renders from start to finish by grabbing screenshots throughout the loading process. After the page has refreshed it will show you how your page rendered from start to finish.

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The performance feature allows you to easily see what is costing you the most time and resources. The performance details can be broken down in many different ways, such as the time, activity, and source. Record the amount of time that you want to be monitored. You can then click Stop and evaluate the results.

We have a great article on blocking the DOM and how to fix it. Checking these values can be beneficial in improving the overall performance of your website or application. Normally everything that is left of or touching the blue line are assets that are blocking the DOM, or also referred to as render blocking resources. You can now also add custom networking throttling profiles.

Tab and window shortcuts

This can be beneficial if you are wanting to test more accurately at a specific speed. In the Network panel click the Throttle dropdown and then Add In the Network Throttling Profiles click Add custom profile It will then display the relevant security information. For Google to index the AMP version of your page you must make sure it is validated.

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  • It will display if it successfully validated below. Read more about AMP validation errors. As you can see Chrome DevTools has numerous features to help you develop better, debug faster, and measure more efficiently the performance of your website or application. The tips mentioned above are just a few of the many features available. Do you have a favorite DevTools feature that we missed?

    Google Chrome Developer Tools Crash Course

    Various options such as step in, step out and step over are available like in a standard debugger. Other features included are. Add various type of breakpoints like event listener breakpoints such as click or DOM breakpoints such as modification of tree. The usual checks involve checking of standards for Progressive Web App, performance metrics, best practices and accessibility concerns. Just go to the panel and run an audit with desired options to get results.

    This panel can be used for monitoring any kind of requests made by a website. Response body and headers along with request parameters and headers are logged for each request. Network requests can be filtered either by type or domain. This panel would be the first place to goto while diagnosing a failed request. The failed requests are shown red in color with the respective HTTP status code shown with it. In case of a POST request, form data sent with the request can also be seen.

    All Panels

    Timing , which shows time-wise stats for the request and can be used for performance diagnosis. Bonus tip : Right click on a network request of interest and select one of the options to copy the request. Most frequently used option is copy as cURL which you can use to get cURL equivalent of the request and replay it in terminal. This panel is used to manage various resources loaded by the website.

    This includes cookies, local storage, application cache, images, fonts, stylesheets, registered service workers, session storage, Web SQL databases and IndexedDB. Values of these resources can be checked, set or cleared through this panel.

    How can I open the browsers console?

    It also shows how much storage is used by all of this data combined and individually. Following tasks can be done easily using Application panel:. Service Workers pane can be used to perform service worker related tasks like unregistering, stopping, going offline etc. Clear Storage can be used to clear all of the storage, caches and service workers.

    Using this panel, we can find issues that affect the page performance in most common scenarios which including memory leaks and bloats. The Memory panel provides profiling of three different types:. The panel records various events that happen during the lifetime of a page and shows how much time each one takes. Once the Screenshots checkbox is select, we can use Network and CPU throttling options from Capture Settings to simulate how our website performance on a mobile device. After a few seconds, clicking Stop will show the results and timings of each event. Analyze each of the charts to understand which parts of the website are degrading performance.

    Hovering over each of the charts will show the screenshot of the page at that point of time. The recordings can be replayed also by using mouse. This relatively new panel allows you to test your website for most common security measures. All of the origins for different resources are tested for valid SSL certificates, secure connection, secure resources and other things. Just open up the developer tools, select this panel and reload your website to get an analysis.

    In future, more security tools may be added to this panel. Console panel can be thought of as a experimental playground. You can run any kind of JavaScript code with access to global window variables. Console panel also works as a logger for all kind of errors network and source code related and shows them all in one place with the website or the line number in source code where the error occurred. Further, during debugging console panel can be opened to check the values of local variables at the current breakpoint. Chrome developer tools can be easily extended to create extensions for different purposes, which can then be added as new panels.

    For e. With the number of features and functionalities available for increasing productivity and easy debugging, Chrome developer tools has become a must-know piece of software for any front-end developer or website security researcher. While being simple, with efficient UI and UX, it provides a single go-to place for any kind of manipulation, analyzation, memory diagnosis and JavaScript debugging.

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