How do i access icloud photos on my mac

Its 2: I wish I could find an updated article on this topic because like all of the previous commenters, with the latest OS X to El Capitan there is no such thing as a download all. You download all the pictures from icloud as directed, you select the pictures on iCloud and download them all. The solution is downloading the iCloud app for P.

Then select Download Photos on the app icon. I have the iCloud app for P. I did not enable the Icloud photo … it enabled itself and now I cant seem to download all of the pictures in bulk. This poor behaviour of the icloud makes me really rethink my opinion about apple products. On an IOs device the storage of pictures is a two or three clicks story and sorry to say, but saving pictures and doing backups not just via itunes or the cloud it-self is a basic feature.

When will it be possible to download folders? When will it be posible to download all pictures with a simple click? They have entangled you in their complex web and making it difficult to free yourself again. Its the typical heavy-handed Apple approach and is extremely unethical. You can download your photos from iCloud on the web. I downloaded my photos from iCloud. It has become clear to me that Apple has disabled all the easy ways shown above to download all your files.

They have disabled shift-click. They have disabled select all. They have disabled download all. They are trying to make it as difficult as possible for you to download all your pictures because that means your leaving. The only way to do it is to select and download them one by one. They hope this discourages you from leaving iCloud. This is one of the most unethical practices I have even seen from a company and regret having bought any Apple product to begin with.

Their management has the short-sightedness to think that this practice will keep you as customers but will in fact make you question your entire use of every Apple product and, if you have a brain, will realize that all Apple products need to be avoided because they are manipulating you.

How to Download iCloud Photos to Mac in 2 Easy Ways 2018

We all need to go back to Windows and I made a mistake in ever leaving them to begin with, no matter how many mistakes they have made. Click on the iCloud icon at the bottom right of your screen, i. Now, the download will start, but you will not be told where the photos are downloading to, too much to expect I suppose.

How to keep no junk in iCloud

I poked around and found that they went to. Then delete them from iCloud to free up storage. Thank you, CharlieATL, your instructions worked.

It is not an instantaneous process, the folders downloaded empty at first and it was several minutes before photos started to appear. It will probaby take a few hours to get them all downloaded, so I will turn off my power saving settings. Almost photos and videos! Another issue I had is that when I selected the photos I wanted grouped by years was the only option available and then start download, I got a message that said there was not enough room on my pc for all the photos. Not really true, but no arguing. Even if I only selected a year that had 2 photos in it, still the same message.

I unchecked all other options uploading photos, etc except for icloud library, which I think is still needed for connection with my phone. I have been wrestling with this for quite some time and was going to resort to downloading one at a time. I am very unhappy how all the different platforms are holding your data hostage these days. Now if I only knew how to fix the disaster that iCloud created with my contacts and calendar when I synced with Outlook I would be happy to never see an iPhone again!

Spent all day on the phone with Apple Support and none of them had this solution. Appears to be working. Like others, I got a bunch of empty folders first by year but now they are slowly populating.

How to Download Photos from iCloud to Mac OS X or Windows PC

Thank goodness for this response! Until I read your response I thought that I had to resort to one photo at a time. I totally agree! I have over photos, and I want them backed up somewhere other than the cloud! After much searching in both this thread and other places, I finally found this bit of gold with instructions on how to easily download ALL photos from iCloud. Open up photos app from dock, choose preferences.

How to access the iCloud Photo Library on Mac

This will not work if your iMac has loads of photos on it already. No pause option either. Install and setup the icloud sync software 2. Click iCloud-Photos in file explorer 3. Select the the years you want in the pop-up 5. Please help! I reached step 3 till then all was ok but no pop-up with the years I want. Whenever I click download photos I receive a message telling me that downloading will take a while the first time download. So I waited but nothing happened.

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It seems that there is no longer any way to download all photos. None of the suggested methods in this blog work on my Windows or Mac devices. Where I had once thought Apple as a good platform for daily use, I am finding more and more reasons to continue with alternate operating systems. If anyone finds a sure cure way of downloading all photos, please post. There no longer appears any way to select all, download all years et al without individually clicking on every photo, which I will do and then set all my devices to NOT save to iCloud.

I agree with Pete. I really wish that Apple and Microsoft would kiss and make up so that their products interact better. I also changed the download folder by clicking options next to photos. In that 10 minutes, it has created folders which, I assume, represent the year the various photos were taken. Not one photo has been downloaded to my computer! I assume it just needs time — there are about 10, photos! Very Important: Thanks all for the tips. If you have Windows10 and want to get a copy down on your disk from iCloud, this seems to be the secret. Were you successful in downloading all of your pictures??

Please do reply i really need some help here. How do you select more than one photo but not all of them? This article said at the beginning it would teach us how to do that but never explicitly did.

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Can someone please tell me how to do this??? They said there is no way to do it. I also lost photos when I let my iPad transfer some to iCloud because there was no space left. I can see some of them in a keynote presentation I made- those photos are not on my iPad and not in the iCloud backup. They went missing when I allowed iCloud to back them up.

Set up and use iCloud Photos

I now want to get all the photos that are there out of there onto my laptop and then cancel iCloud. They are asking the engineering Dept what can be done. Apple should warn you that photos can vanish never to be found again if you use iCloud. Never again. Downloading pics from iCloud should be a no-brainer. So much for a well thought out eco-system. I would like to download videos that are on my icloud to my computer as well as images. However, the videos are downloading as images.

The sound is there but no video. My iCloud storage is almost full and I thought I would clean up by downloading and storing photos offline. No such solution is possible; instead I have to upgrade my Storage Plan. How ridiculous. Criminal even. Ah well, it seems South Park had it right: Or, in other words, simply use Microsoft, it will work as designed. There is a solution. They called within 2 mins.