How to join videos on mac

A great little package that works very quickly, even if it looks a little basic and has limited format support.

Option 2: How to Put Video Clips Together to Make One Video

This is a lovely little program that can do a few other tricks as well as join video files together, it offers a clean and smart interface and produces results very quickly. Unlike some here it is a little complicated in its operation but with the extra features present such as cutting and even a comprehensive video player, that can be somewhat understandable. This video editing tool offers an easy way to join your videos together and also provides many tools to help you edit movies in many different ways. Download Filmroa9 for Mac Latest Filmora version 9 right now and learn how to join videos in Mac by following the simple step-by-step guide below.

Download this Mac video joiner and launch the program. To create a new project and enter the main interface, just select New Project in the starting window. Then click the Import menu to select the target files from the media browser or directly drag-n-drop them to the media library. Then it takes just a couple of clicks to join the files: put all the files from the media library to the timeline working area and change the order you want them to be joined.

Now you can add stylish transitions between the each clip or add to the beginning or ending part of the clip. Choose one of the transitions for all the fragments, add a different transition for each fragment manually or select random transitions. To do this, go to the Transitions tab in the upper toolbar, then drag-n-drop the transition you want between any two video fragments. Then double click the chosen transition in the working area and set the timing.

It would be simple if you have a suitable video tool. One of those commonly used tools is named Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

You can use it on your Mac to merge all kinds of movies into one video. And you can also use it to trim a video by selecting the starts time and ends time, and then combine the trimmed video clips together as a complete video. Windows users, can go to this link page to see how you can combine video clips on PC. As the App is mainly used as a video converter, it can support about input and output videos formats.

By trimming and merging videos, this Videos Converter Ultimate enables you to be a great director of your own movies. Sounds great, right? Let us follow below steps to merge videos and start making the first film of your own.

Launch it and you will see its surface. The surface is user friendly.

Top 5 Apps to Split or Merge Video Files on Mac

You can easily figure out how to use it by your own. On the top bar of the surface, you can see there are four categories, including Convert, Burn, Download and Media Server. These four main functions are used to convert video, burn your homemade videos to professional DVD, download videos from internet and convert the videos at the same time, and it can also be served as a media server to project videos from Mac to your TV. There are two methods to add videos to the VCU. One is to export the joined MP4 videos by format where you can select any format you want from the list because virtually all media formats are supported, another is to save the merged MP4 videos by device so as to play them on iPad, iPhone, TV, etc.

You can also export the video files for uploading to the social network like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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What is more, adjusting parameters such as resolution, aspect ratio of the output videos is supported. Buy Try.

How to merge/combine/join multiple .mp4 videos on the Mac

Quickly export the merged MP4 videos without quality loss. We Promise. How to Stabilize Shaky Video. Enlarge a Section of Video? How to Edit Videos Mac?