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$10,000 iMac Pro vs Custom PC – Which One is Faster?

These articles are great starting points for researching your own Hackintosh. If, after reading the pros and cons above, you still want to build your own Hackintosh, the following tips may save you some time. Should you build a Hackintosh? If anything, this may lead more users to purchase an actual Mac, as hobbyists tire of machines that break with updates, and where not everything works as it should.

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Would I build another? He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software. Mike Hominick. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. Why you should build a Hackintosh There are many reasons to build your own Hackintosh. Here are the three biggies.

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Customization : You can build exactly what you need, not what Apple wants you to have. This can be seen in the horrid pen solution found in the iPad Pro where charging it requires you to have a spear sticking out of your iPad. Still, I am a huge fan of Apple. I will most likely do another test with a Mac Pro against my same machine.

I can guess that the Mac Pro will fair much better, but it will do it at 2x the price. Hence for a larger studio, I will say that a well built custom PC is going to be the best solution. If you are building a custom PC do your research and use only the best components 2. Stop downloading freeware, crap files, torrents, movies, software, porn and any other illegal content and much of your problems will disappear.

The honest truth is, I have spent just as much time in a Apple store at the Genius Counter getting my Apple machines repaired as I have maintaining my well built PCs.

Why you should build a Hackintosh

As mentioned, I have to do these tests for our studio anyway. I will continue publishing results for anyone that is interested. Our goals are as always to maximize performance while creating reliable systems. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Forgot your password?

MacBook Vs. PC – Why I Chose PC (And Why I Later Chose a Mac)

Sign up for a new account here. SLR Lounge helps over 1. Premium Membership day Free Trial. Your account will be downgraded to a Free Account at the end of your Premium Membership trial. Pye Jirsa , 4 years ago 6 min read. This article documents the results. Lightroom Import Time required to import 1, images directly from the internal SSD drive on each machine. Next Test As mentioned, I have to do these tests for our studio anyway. Updated Thoughts. Although not quite as slim, the performance increase at a similar price point is simply too large to ignore.

This was honestly tough, and goes to show just how much variation there is in the laptop market. On the one side, the Macbook is almost impossibly thin.

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The tapered edge going all the way down to 0. Looking at specifications alone, even the Windows laptop's i5 version is about as powerful as the Apple option. Yet it's hard to just dismiss the Macbook at that point, as the Windows i5 variant is super close in both price and performance to the Gold and Rose Gold editions of the Macbook. However, if we look at the i7 version of the MateBook X Pro, the comparison swings firmly in the favor of it over the Macbook.

Hence the verdict. The poor thing doesn't really get a mention right now, because it has been "out-smalled" by its own brand; the Macbook is slimmer, lighter, and higher-performing for the money. Yet even if you bump up to an Apple laptop that is a bit larger and with a slightly higher-specification CPU, the Huawei still wins. When hardware performance is king, size becomes less of an issue. In this section, we take a look at the pricey high-performance laptops on the market, to see what you can get when you splash the cash on a top-end laptop model! Here come the big boys!

Long considered the flagship of the mobile Apple range, the Macbook Pro has been around for a long, long time. Although we compared the "standard" models with the Macbook above—as they're just as available as anything else, we're going to go with a higher specification Macbook Pro here. But we're focusing on the maximum performance for this section, so i9 it is! So do keep in mind that, even moreso than with the Macbook models, there's a potentially huge price range we're working with here.

see As a model for creatives, the Macbook Pro is honestly hard to beat if you're after a portable machine. Yes, there are cooling issues if you start doing some more intensive tasks, but some would say that's simply what you get for trying to shove an i9 into a laptop. Either way, let's take a look at the competition.

MAC PRO 2019? No Thanks, I'll take a 32 core PC for less

I know I said above that it was mad of Apple to put an i9 into a laptop, yet I never said they were alone in this. Let's take a look:. So, although Apple never say publicly exactly what chips they're using, based on specifications I think it's safe to say that these 2 laptops have the same CPU.

Finally, doubling up on both RAM and storage is a big tick in favor of the Dell, and can seriously help with resource-intensive work like rendering and video editing. If I had trouble picking the first winner, this one is tougher. In the world of desktop computers, Apple is generally all about the self-contained, all-in-one AIO units.

We want to be fair to all parties, so we'll first be comparing the Mac options in this section against prebuilt computers with similar design priorities as well as prices. But just leaving it at that would ignore the fact that some people have different design desires than what Apple is providing, and the fact that some people may simply want to see a comparison between the best of macOS desktops and the best of Windows or Linux desktops regardless of design.

We're not going to include the Mac Mini here, as it's overpriced for its specifications, although it's a nice small machine. The realm of the good all-around machines, handily built into the screen for discrete design. As mentioned above, in this section we will be looking at the new iMac and seeing what is available to compete against it from the Windows-running market. We're going with Apple's most popular model, which is also the good middle ground of the 21" iMac range. Let's take a look at the specifications:.

The screen of this model is a really key element in Apple's favor. Not only is this a high-resolution screen, but crucially it has DCI-P3 color support, making it a dream for video creators who need that guaranteed color space for production. As far as the rest of the specifications go, they're more or less what you'd expect. Can we not at least have RPM drives, Apple? I know that they love to upsell folks onto the Fusion drive so they need more separation between the speeds in their various models, but this will end up hurting them in the cross-company comparisons, as you will see in a moment.